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People tend to say ”If something can't be found by means of Google, it means that it doesn't exist.” There's a lot of truth in this sentence. Unfortunately, not all people are aware of this. Many a time enterprenours fail to fully utilise all possibilities of customer attraction arising from having their own business webpage. According to the recent HBP Polska report entitled ”Poland in the Internet 2011” [”Rzeczpospolita Internetowa w roku 2011] 39 % of Polish companies do not have a webpage.

In comparison, over 17 million people in Poland use the internet. 99 % of them use Google browser to seek for information. That is why it is worth checking what search results are displayed once a given phrase is typed into the browser. Dear Reader, they usually type your name and surname, the company name or brand that you own...”


It is a reason good enough, right? But it is not all:

”Today a company cannot, or it should not, allow itself for not having a webpage. Moreover, it should be built in a way enabling to be easily found by means of the Google browser. This browser is used by the majority of clients to find information about products, services and companies and the opinions about them. A webpage is a company's business card in the internet.  (…).”


The conclusion is simple: each (I would say: EACH) company should have its own webpage. On making a decision please consider the following matter: what people do to find the nearest flowershop? What is the pattern? A few-hours walk around the neighbourhood or a look in the internet?


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